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What are the tips for tiling tiles in the living room?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-29

With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, tiling was originally time-consuming and labor-intensive, and requires technical work. Now the requirements for technology are not so high. With these auxiliary tools, even ordinary workers can affix tiles well. If there are workers who can catch up with the trend and use these new tools to tiling tiles, it means that these workers are very witty and very reliable. With these tools, tile tiling saves effort, time and money. The following editor will take you to count these technologies and new tools.

The first is tile glue. We used to paste the tiles with grout first, and then paste the tiles on the grout. If the grout is not well blended, its viscosity is not enough, and the tiles are not strong enough, and they will fall off easily. So, mix The technical requirements of cement slurry are still very high, and only professional masters can do it. But now it’s different with tile glue. Tile glue is a new type of glue. This glue can stick to the tiles firmly, and it can keep it from falling off for a long time. There is no need to mix the grout anymore. Does this make it easier to tiling tiles?

The second one is the locator. The locator is a small cross-shaped thing, which can make the gap between each tile the same size when the worker is tiling the tiles, so that the tiles will be more symmetrical and beautiful, and there will be no unevenness when the tiles are pasted. The situation is neat. This is just a small plastic thing that can have such a big effect, so don't underestimate these little things. Now the use of locators is more extensive.

The last one is infrared. Infrared is visible to the naked eye, and its function is to provide a straight line standard for the master when tiling tiles, so that the tiles will not be skewed, and the overall appearance will be more tidy and beautiful. This replaces the previous masters using ink fountains to make elevation lines.

Has everyone learned these things? You must be good at discovering new things in life and know how to innovate, so that the decoration will look good and save money.

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