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What are the tips for buying bathroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-05

  When decorating the bathroom, you will prepare for tile installation. Your first reaction is not to install the wooden floor. It is really not suitable for installation in the bathroom. The tiles are better. Before installation, you need to buy tiles. Which points should be followed Come. There are three requirements for decking tile purchase. Don't be too nervous. After reading it thoroughly, think about whether it makes sense, and buy it according to the standard. Let me summarize the tips for choosing bathroom tiles!

  1. Low water absorption    (1) Generally, tiles with better quality have a low water absorption rate, and the surface moisture can dry quickly, so there is no need to worry about slipping due to water vapor. (2) The current porcelain outdoor ceramic tile on the market have a water absorption rate below 0.5%, which is also the best choice for bathroom tiles; if the water absorption rate is not indicated on the tiles, how to judge the water absorption rate of the tiles? You can put clear water on the tiles On the back of the camera, wait quietly for a few minutes, and finally observe the spread of the water droplets, and you can get a certain result. 2. Good anti-slip performance (1) When installing ceramic tiles on the bathroom floor, the problem of anti-slip should be considered. The quality of the tiles is one of the advantages of selection. The front of the anti-slip floor tiles has wrinkle stripes or bumps to increase the friction of the floor and prevent slip.   (2) Secondly, try to choose floor tiles with a smaller area. Small floor tiles make it easier to grasp the slope, let the floor drain run smoothly, increase the drainage capacity, and avoid water accumulation. 3. High quality and density (1) When buying a tile, first check whether there are pinholes of different sizes on the tile and whether the surface of the tile is flat. In addition to this, it can be judged by the sound. The sound of the tile is more brittle. It means that the quality of the ceramic tiles is better; good quality ceramic tiles not only prolong the use time, but also facilitate cleaning and maintenance.   (2) As users demand for individualization, in addition to meeting the above physical properties, bathroom tiles must also take into account consumers' requirements for beauty and texture. Therefore, the following factors should be considered when choosing tiles.  ① Color    Color has a temperature and has a great influence on people's psychology. Materials derived from nature must conform to the color law of the original material and also conform to the fashion aesthetic.   The decoration of the bathroom is mainly based on simple decoration style. In terms of color, fresh colors should be adopted, which can bring fresh and comfortable visual enjoyment and increase the openness of the space. If you want to create a small and fresh style in the bathroom, you should choose light or blue and green tile colors, which can reflect the line of sight from the light and make the bathroom look more spacious and bright. ② The texture is designed. The bathroom must reflect the texture and look and feel. First, buy textured ceramic tile materials, and then give people an intuitive feeling. The texture of the ceramic tiles is texture. Any object has a surface, and all surfaces are With a specific texture, the reasonable use of the texture and attributes of the materials can make the bathroom more textured and warm.  What are the techniques for purchasing bathroom tiles have been analyzed, and its three principles will not be repeated. When purchasing, you must look at the essence through the phenomenon, not directly on the style and color, but ultimately on the quality. If you don’t understand the key points of ceramic tile purchase, shop around first, let the salesperson explain, familiarize yourself with the key points, and then integrate them into knowledge points, and finally practice the purchase.

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