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What are the taboos for the color of bathroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-04

   The bathroom is the most dirty place in the house. If it is not handled, it will easily lead to bad feng shui, which will affect human health and fortune. The color of the bathroom tiles in the bathroom feng shui is also exquisite. Don't be too plain or too messy. Now let's introduce what are the taboos of the color of bathroom tiles in Feng Shui?

   1. When choosing monochromatic tiles, try not to think about it. It is boring, preferably with patterns. Of course, you can also choose monochromatic tiles but a little embellishment in the middle will also make the bathroom shine. For a slightly larger bathroom at home, you can use a dark color, which is both stable and lively.  2. For a small area of u200bu200bthe bathroom, you can choose the ever-popular white color, which will make the bathroom look cleaner and brighter, and also help to broaden the view and improve the brightness of the space. In Feng Shui, this is also called 'dirty places need to be clean, and smelly places should be better prepared'. It is a flexible application of the principles of complementarity and balance. Good luck at home. 3. It is best not to use bright red or golden yellow tiles in the bathroom. These are all fire, and the bathroom is a place where dirt is discharged. Don't let them get fired. Flower decoration tiles in warm and cold tones such as orange and blue are favored; in fact, both of them have Bright, concise, and stylish; black, dark green, and light blue are more dirty; it is not conducive to family health problems.   What are the taboos of bathroom tile color feng shui are introduced here, if you want to know more, you can click home feng shui to learn more.

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