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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the marble tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-01-12

what is the advantages and disadvantages of marble tiles? Decorate the house in the process of the people are very concerned about the brand and the quality, good brand of decoration materials can show the beautiful pictures, let host feel comfortable. Should consider from overall effect, the selection of decking tile also is particularly important. Just come and share with you below the advantages and disadvantages of marble tiles.

the advantages and disadvantages of marble tile strength are the advantages of natural marble, natural low flexural strength of natural marble. The flexural strength of ceramic tile above 30 mpa, and natural marble flexural strength is low, generally easy to fracture, especially large long plank is more prone to break and broken, natural marble thickness, unit square meter weight will increase, also adds to the cost of transportation, building space and the structure of the load, increase the cost of the building. The advantages and disadvantages of marble tile density in a very low density of natural marble, absorbing water and seepage force. In the processing, when the shop is installed and put into use when cutting stone, all need cleaning. If the seepage pollution will be difficult to eliminate, lose luster, thus affect adornment effect. Therefore must be done well before, during, and after the construction related protection and nursing work, and marble tiles do not have these problems. Marble tile the advantages and disadvantages of natural marble the defects of the color, the color, and the crack, is a natural attribute of uncontrollable. In the process of large plate production, glue is to be done. Another boulder cut into several pieces of the plate, color texture changes in the larger, colour difference is very big is another headache problem, marble tile, does not have this problem. The advantages and disadvantages of marble tile price of natural marble resources are scarce. Natural marble ore mines bit sometimes there are obviously differences between including color, texture and texture, natural marble is a kind of high-grade stone material, the price is expensive, every square metre is in one thousand yuan or so, imports of rare species even as high as ten thousand yuan. Price is looking up. And marble tile supply stable, the price is reasonable. The advantages and disadvantages of marble tile shortcomings in order to guarantee the luster of the marble granite floor tiles with clean, polished periodically. Marble to use the special cleaning supplies, because most of the detergents contain chloride, the ceramic tile of damage after polishing. In addition to cleaning and polishing, marble floor every 9 to 12 months will need to seal again. Questions about the advantages and disadvantages of marble tiles are introduced so much, I believe you must have some idea, through the above introduction, you can from several aspects to the understanding of ceramic tile and good analysis, choose the ceramic tile with good quality is necessary in decorating, ceramic tile quality is good, the effect of the room will be taken on a new look, taste. Hope you can choose a good decking tile, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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