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What are the steps to shop sticks ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-12-06

every family will involve when decorate shop sticks ceramic tile, although there is a small area, but the project is certainly involved, for many owners with limited budgets, believe that will be the problem that how to save money, you know, skill shop sticks ceramic tile also is to have money, don't want to spend more than necessary, you can learn it.

the shop is stuck six steps of ceramic tile

1, the ceramic tile soak

the ceramic tile of choose and buy clean up first, and when soaking 2 above. Soak ceramic tile is to fully absorb sufficient moisture, lest after completion of the shop is stuck absorb moisture in the material, cause adhesive water deficiency, affect the adhesive fastness, leading to empty drum, fall off. after fully submerged and need to take out from the water before the shop is stuck and wipe the surface moisture, so that the shop is stuck.

2, the auxiliary lines, support board

before starting the shop is stuck to commit suicide by hanging vertical metope leveling layer, is used to determine the size of ceramic tile wall of the line. Set up horizontal line, so that you can guarantee ceramic tile shop sticks to keep horizontal flat vertical and surface is flat and level. In ceramic tile is required when the shop is stuck with horizontal line as the criterion, set to ceramic tile can play supporting role of wood, in order to prevent the ceramic tile adhesive strength is reached before the displacement or drop.

3, preparation before paving

before paving should first on the basis of drawing the design requirements, the floor tile color, texture, smooth surface, such as strict selection, and then according to the drawing requirements before paving. For that may occur in the shop (size, color, texture, error adjustment, exchange, until reach the effect, the shop is stuck smoothly neatly stacked. Set aside.

4, the shop is stuck in sequence

side of floor tile outdoor wood deck tiles generally by doors and Windows, Or balcony) Start from top to bottom, from left and right order. Concrete paving method is: water embellish screed-coat, first with a shovel to silt oar ( Or other adhesive) To put on the back of ceramic tile, ceramic tile affixed to the wall, with a shovel or rubber hammer handle tap decking tile, make silt oar space between the wall and ceramic tile. Note that mouth with horizontal alignment, not neat can be below the ceramic tile mat small wood, etc. After finishing line to use on foot cross, to leveling. The higher part of the beaten with, concave flush to fill slurry under guarantee. Adhesive material shoulds not be too thick, also shoulds not be too thin. Too thick is not easy to spread, too thin cement.

5, tick off seam granite floor tiles shop after 24 h to clean up pointing, pointing to granite floor tiles gap should be taken before the impurity rub-up, with special caulking agent jointing.

6, ceramic tile construction process with dry cleaning in domestic outfit with the qing dynasty, when completed, General appropriate after 24 h) Then use the content such as cotton yarn to clean floor tile surface.

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