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What are the skills of laying tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-07-05
What are the techniques for laying tiles? When we lay tiles, the final effect may not be good due to some methodological problems. Then I will tell you what are the tips for tiling tiles in a few days. 1. To see if the original foundation treatment is in place before paving, the base layer should be chiseled, the depth of chiseling is 5-10 mm, and the spacing of chiseling marks is about 30 mm. According to the requirements of the construction process, if there is putty on the original wall before tiling the wall tiles, the putty should be removed, then the smooth plaster layer should be chiseled and the surface cleaned, then the plain ash should be used to pull the wool, and then the tiling should be carried out. Otherwise, the bonding between the tiling cement and the base layer is not strong, resulting in hollowing and delamination of the wall tiles. Second, see if the cement mortar on the back of the tile is full. The mortar behind the tile should be full to ensure that the corners are not hollow. According to regulations, when paving wall tiles, the mortar should be full and firmly pasted, and the hollow corners of a single wall shall not exceed 5% of the number of paving. When laying bricks, a 1:2 cement mortar should be used, the thickness of which should be 6 to 10 mm, and then lightly compacted with a rubber hammer, otherwise it is prone to hollowing. Third, see if the tiles have color difference. Two adjacent wall tiles have obvious color differences. According to relevant regulations, the varieties, specifications, grades, colors and patterns of wall tiles should meet the design requirements. After paving, the color of the tiles should be basically the same, without obvious color difference, clean and free of deposits and grout marks. 4. Look at the tiles at the corners (inside and outside corners) where the tiles in the outside corners are cracked because they are not handled properly. Workers usually use light steel keels as the skeleton of the riser pipe of the kitchen and bathroom, and attach the cement pressure plate to the outside, and then hang the metal mesh. After tiling, due to the different physical expansion coefficients of the light steel keel and the cement, the skeleton is easy to deform, and the wall bricks are more likely to crack at the corners. It is recommended that the owner use lightweight bricks as the foundation for the riser of the kitchen and bathroom package. 5. Check whether there are small strips on the wall tiles. The size of the mosaic in the wall is obviously too small. The size should be calculated in advance and arranged as far as possible to an inconspicuous place. According to regulations, line positioning and arrangement of bricks should be carried out before laying bricks. The bricks should be arranged in the secondary part or at the inner corner. Two rows of non-whole bricks should not appear on each wall, and the width of the non-whole bricks should not be less than one-third of the whole outdoor wood deck tiles. VI. Check the wall with an instrument based on the flatness of the wall Surface flatness. According to regulations, the flatness and verticality of the wall surface are within 2 meters, and the error is not allowed to exceed 4 mm. Otherwise it will affect the flatness of the tile. The above is the tile that the editor brings to you I hope to bring help to friends who are troubled by this six tips.
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