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What are the skills of ceramic tile of choose and buy?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-05
The following are some of the sales staff to give to our ceramic tile on the content of the ceramic tile of choose and buy, from any of the ceramic tile of sales staff to we can learn a lot of skills about ceramic tile of choose and buy. Here is to look at it together.

a, how to choose and buy ceramic tile?

1, the style of the ceramic tile ceramic tile is different, so tie-in result is also different, so we in the ceramic tile of choose and buy when, must consider the overall space decorate a style.

2, to determine ceramic tile use of space, kitchen, bathroom, living room because the size is different, choose ceramic tile also should adjust measures to local conditions. Again after the most basic conditions were determined to choose, such as the ceramic tile of the sitting room, make sure you know what size to buy, generally 20 square meters room may choose 80 cm & times; Brick of 80 cm. Use large pieces of granite floor tiles can not only reduce the cracks on the ground, and beautiful and durable, overall is also very economical.

3, ceramic tile can currently on the market theory can also be sold by the square metre, buy ceramic tile should be calculated to the area of the shop is stuck. Some building materials stores have conversion chart, according to the number of ceramic tile can check area. Some ceramic tile of metope chart as long as know the height and width, can be found to dosage of ceramic tile. Some ceramic tile ceramic tile is to be administered will list box on the packing but what's the area of the shop is stuck.

4, the ceramic tile of choose and buy when, believe that most of the people to the requirement of quality of ceramic tile is in the first place, want to undertake in the identification of ceramic tile quality, general methods such as by watching, listening, try to identify.

5, the color of ceramic tile is uniform, better surface finish and flatness, around the rules, the design is complete, pulled out a few pieces from the same packing, contrast color difference, deformation, defects such as lack of Angle and edge. The granite floor tiles of dumb smooth surface or shallow convex-concave modelling is very suitable for the bathroom.

that's small make up for all of the ceramic tile of sales personnel to some advice on the outdoor ceramic tile of choose and buy, want to be able to help you.

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