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What are the skills hutch defends the ceramic tile of choose and buy?

by:JIABANG     2020-09-03

how can I buy a good value, the ceramic tile of contentment. When choosing hutch defends ceramic tile, the first thing to understand about hutch defends the ceramic tile species, according to the need and the actual situation, in the selection and the basic principles to follow.

a, before selecting specific ceramic tile quality problems, must first determine the style of ceramic tile of choose and buy, type, etc.

1。 Determine the style of ceramic tile

choose ceramic tile design style is the first step to decorate material, plays a decisive role. But many consumers because of hutch defends a space narrow reasons such as the selection of ceramic tile is not seriously, in fact, the design and color of ceramic tile and techniques of the shop is stuck, can affect the hutch defends the overall visual effect.

sure good after the whole domestic outfit style to choose ceramic tile, different styles have different collocation. Above model for the ceramic store kitchen, we can see that is the Europe type style restoring ancient ways. So make sure the style again after choosing ceramic tile, make the whole home decorate a style is unified.

2。 Distinguish the types of ceramic tile

good choice after the style of ceramic tile is determined, the next step is to distinguish the type of ceramic tile. The ceramic tile on the market at present mainly divided into glazed tile and polished tile. Kitchen and toilet use glazed pottery, mostly living mostly use of polishing brick. Only figure out the kinds of outdoor ceramic tile, can when choosing ceramic tile don't fall for it.

3。 Choose suitable material

kitchen and toilet are easy to produce water, cause the ground is very slippery. In order to ensure the safety and health, hutch defends outdoor wood deck tiles had better choose rough surface, increase the friction, prevent slippery effect. Shoppers suggest consumers, had better choose the ceramic tile of material is better, because ceramic tile is decorated with wooden floor to decorate, ceramic tile is renovated very troublesome, had better be a decoration in place, don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

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