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What are the selection methods of bathroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-09

   As we all know, the bathroom is a damp place, so the choice of building materials is very important. For example, the choice of wall tiles is very special. We should not only pay attention to its decoration, but also pay attention to the water absorption of wall tiles. Therefore, the choice and choice of tiles should not be underestimated, so what are the methods for selecting bathroom tiles?

  1, see the density    When selecting materials, you can judge according to the flatness of the side of the brick body. If there are different loopholes, the quality is not clear. In addition, when the density is detected, it can also tap the wall tiles lightly to see if the sound is crisp. If it is brittle, high density, high hardness and high quality, and vice versa. 2. Look at the color. The color of the outdoor wood deck tiles body should be selected according to the overall dressing style. Of course, it can also be selected according to your own preferences. Of course, for small apartments, the color of bathroom tiles is the best choice for the light color system. The refracted sight effect makes the bathroom look more spacious and bright.  3, look at the degree of glazing    When selecting, the quality of the quality can be judged by the surface hardness. For example, the surface of the brick can be scraped with a sharp object. If there are signs, the glaze is not enough. After polishing, the surface of the outdoor wood deck tiles is easy to hide dust and is difficult to clean. 4. Look at the water absorption rate. Due to the heavy humidity in the area, you must pay attention to the water absorption of the brick body when buying. Generally speaking, the higher the quality of the wall tiles, the lower the water absorption rate, so it is easy to dry and soak after drying. A drop of water can be dripped on the back of the wall during testing, and the degree of diffusion of the drop can be observed after a few minutes. If the degree of diffusion is large, it means that the water absorption rate is high and the quality is poor.  What are the methods for selecting bathroom tiles are introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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