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What are the precautions for ceramic tile shop sticks

by:JIABANG     2021-05-22

ceramic tile is a comparatively common in our daily life, and ceramic tile are usually requires the shop is stuck, but the shop is stuck in some places is to pay attention to matters, so what are the precautions for ceramic tile shop sticks?

1, in the treatment of the flue or wall of build by laying bricks or stones wall must standardize processing to build by laying bricks or stones wall can not use big core board do metope material ( All know that is not possible; but now construction workers often such processing, so as the owner must pay attention to) , tile to tile arch peeling and cracking. 2, ceramic tile seam is not too small ceramic tile seam is too small easy to reduce the service life of the ceramic tile, ceramic tile glaze cracked when after heat bilges cold shrink. Advice: whether a seam or seamless ceramic tile or decking tile, when construction must pay attention to the seam. 3, let workers found in the construction of ceramic tile to timely notice of this problem is now the decoration company in the construction of doing more bad of the place, in this case, material is not the time for they recommend, in particular, tend to continue construction, actually this is completely irresponsible. Wait to spread good after all, you found a problem, handle is more trouble, contractor and material side each other believe, finally rework, this process will cost a lot of energy and financial resources. Therefore, when construction, want to clear tell workers, discovery problem, timely notification. Suggestion: in order to avoid the emergence of this situation, it is best to find problem timely informed, can ask sellers with quality appraisal, don't put off things until the last finish construction to solve later. 4, best caulking tile dry solid jointing of the reentry after many workers now is in ceramic tile shop good start immediately after jointing, such treatment is very inappropriate, because ceramic tile is not completely dry solid, in the process of jointing, easy to cause loose tiles, late can cause ceramic tile fall off, stay safe hidden trouble. Suggestion: after ceramic tile jointing in ceramic tile dry solid. General anytime after 24 hours. What are the precautions for ceramic tile shop is stuck is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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