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What are the precautions for ceramic tile choice

by:JIABANG     2020-12-17

a lot of people will choose floor tile in the home, and in terms of the current market, and the variety of floor tile more. This creates when choosing floor tile, do not know how to start! Then below small make up to introduce what are the precautions for decking tile choice?

a, floor tile is closely related with your budget price: the price of floor tile can be from a few dollars a square meters to hundreds of pieces of a square. Generally 50 is recommended for kitchen, bathroom. 00 - 90. 00 per square. of artificial cost 40 per square, if you buy below 35 floor tile is really waste of cement. The sitting room. 80. More than 00 per square, quality guaranteed. Where clear need brick floor tile: floor tile kinds are more, the effect of different granite floor tiles with different, therefore, to clear to stick floor tile, is the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, living room or bedroom? 3, clear own choose the type of brick: this has to do with the integral style of the home: rural, contemporary and contracted style. Mostly rural style: matte outdoor wood deck tiles as the main, Dumb smooth interior wall + archaize brick) , contemporary and contracted style: bright light brick, wall brick + polishing brick. Four, a clear choice of the specifications of the brick: toilet ground due to find slope, facilitate floor drain drainage, it is best to use small size decking tile, 300 * 300 or below 300 specifications, had better use matte brick. Want to consider to stop slippery, wear resistance, because toilet area is generally not in 3 - Between 8 square, suggest using 60. More than 00 per square. Five, the need to be careful when buying a promotional products: best ask merchants depreciate reason, whether to ensure the quality, general law enforcement not accept such complaints ( This must leave a god, this is what I saw on the Internet, borrow for reference) Anyway, about the quality of black and white write clear is the best. Six, shop around, do you like brand ceramic tile, a convenient time can inquire on the network have any quality problem of complaint, where the local dealer business address, don't run into the secondary agents and distribution there buying ( Anyway, see a multiple-choice, shop around, this is the eternal hard truth) 。 What are the precautions for decking tile choice is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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