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What are the precautions for ceramic tile adhesive lamination?

by:JIABANG     2020-07-31
About ceramic tile adhesive lamination problem has been bothering you, in order to make it more clear understanding to the specific situation of the ceramic tile adhesive lamination, small make up specially for everybody has collected some information about ceramic tile adhesive lamination, take a look at below.

ceramic tile of gum note

1. During the period of construction and completed within a day, at the grass-roots level and environmental temperature should be at 5 ~ 35 ℃, just good construction materials should be avoided to drench water a day.

2。 This product mixing water shall not and when mixed with any other agent, mixed material should be finished within the prescribed time, overtime shall not be mixed mixed use.

3。 After the completion of construction, should do a good job in the maintenance and protection to prevent pollution, collisions and damage.

4。 In case of eye contact with the product should be timely medical treatment.

5。 This product should be stored in a cool and dry environment, avoid damp, rain.

6。 5 ~ 40 ℃ storage temperature and storage period of about six months.

what good ceramic tile of gum brands?

alkali grams of ceramic tile of gum

material belongs to the third generation of outdoor ceramic tile ceramic tile shop is stuck, it broke the bo changes a brick, and archaize outdoor wood deck tiles, microlite and marble bibulous rate is low, such as the shop is stuck rare problem, mainly use cement mortar, wipe scraping layer on the back of the tile, dosage is 0. 6 - 1 kg / ㎡, then directly on the cement mortar, immediately on the wall of the shop is stuck, don't wait any time, construction is convenient, simple and quick, the effect is very good. A barrel, provide quality assurance contract, warranty ~ let consumers have no trouble back at home ~ 20 years the shop is stuck material with cement mortar, ceramic tile adhesive, one-component back glue and alkali, ceramic tile back glue to cement mortar and tile adhesive cannot have satisfied consumer demand, now off outdoor wood deck tiles phenomenon common; One-component adhesive (back Latex) , construction is complicated, need to wait for dry, a layer of a layer of ceramic tile to pile up, the longer dry solid time seriously affect the time limit for a project and a waste of time, and afraid to touch ash afraid to touch water. Alkali grams of outdoor ceramic tile of gum perfect solve the above problem, the price also is not very expensive and high performance-price ratio.

that's small make up for everyone to sort out some information about the ceramic tile adhesive lamination, hope everyone can study hard, to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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