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What are the precautions for bathroom tile paving

by:JIABANG     2021-06-04

   Bathroom decoration is a difficult problem for many people. When we buy the tiles, we need to pave them. There are also some precautions for paving. So what are the precautions for bathroom tiles?

  1, the problem of remaining seams    The remaining seams of bathroom tiles should not be too small. If the remaining seams of the tiles are too small, it will reduce the service life of the tiles. 2. Joint filling problem Jointing nowadays, many workers start jointing immediately after the bathroom tiles are laid. This treatment is very improper. Because the tiles are not completely dry, it is easy to cause tiles during the jointing process. Loose, the tiles will fall off later, leaving a safety hazard. 3. Clean up before laying tiles. Some irresponsible construction teams scratched the wall tiles with putty on the wall when laying tiles, and directly tiling the tiles without shoveling the putty off. This approach has a serious safety hazard. Because the cement is strong, the cement cannot be hung on the putty, which will easily cause the tiles to fall off. This is also very unsafe!  4. The protection problem after the tiles are laid.    The tiles should be protected when they are laid. Do not scratch or pollute the outdoor wood deck tiles surface. It often happens during the construction process that walking around on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface without dryness, painting the walls, and painting the floor without using protective film, which will cause damage to the ceramic tiles.  5. The processing problem of tile paving   Especially when the wall tiles touch the external corners, be careful to grind the edges, not to damage the glaze layer of the tiles, and pay attention to the gaps when connecting, and they should not be too small.   What are the precautions for bathroom tile paving is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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