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What are the pitfalls of ceramic tile purchase?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-02

   In the process of home improvement, ceramic tiles are one of the indispensable building materials. For consumers, when buying ceramic tiles, they are often attracted by styles and prices. They don't know that there are many invisible traps in the purchase process. We need to understand these traps. The following traps for ceramic tile purchase should be known.

  Ceramic tiles are usually divided into high-quality, first-class and second-class products. Some unscrupulous merchants changed the packaging of the ceramic tiles and re-stamped them with forged grade seals, which were shoddy.   Anti-fraud tricks: Don’t trust the seller and the introduction on the package, but learn more about the common sense of ceramic purchase and choose carefully. It is necessary to ask about the classification of product brand manufacturers, and indicate the quality level of the purchased products on the sales contract. 

 Trap 2: Using fake and real  

 In the Liaoyuan building materials market, brand-name tiles are leading the fashion trend in both color and style, attracting the eyes of many consumers. Therefore, some businesses take advantage of consumers’ mentality in pursuing brands to produce some imitation brand-style tiles, but the price is only half or one-third of the famous brand. Some consumers buy such imitation products because they are greedy for cheap. Less than the brand's service and quality assurance. 

 Anti-fraud tactics: adjust shopping mentality, do not blindly pursue the brand, it is best to buy branded products in branded stores, and be wary of low-priced products that are known to be high-quality and cheap. 

 Trap 3: Unknown price tag

   In some tile shops, not all products have a price tag. Unscrupulous merchants often only mark one of the lower-priced commodities. When consumers inquire about other commodities, they take the opportunity to drive up the price, causing consumers to fall into the price trap designed by the merchant unconsciously.

   Anti-fraud tactics: Consumers should understand that low-price sales and discounts are just the usual means for businesses to attract consumers' attention. For consumers, it is best to go to a regular store to buy products, and never sacrifice after-sales service for the sake of cheapness.

 Trap 4: Stealing the beams and changing pillars

 Some merchants sell tiles of other small brands or miscellaneous brands under the brand name. The brand is not mentioned during the purchase process, but the price is It is the same as or even higher than the brand bricks, because the designs of the brand bricks are more classic and long-lasting, and the different brand bricks have more designs and are easy to be outdated. Consumers only look at the designs and ignore the brand. Less than the quality assurance of brand bricks.

 Anti-fraud tactics: When buying ceramic tiles, you must first understand the brand, and know the size of the local brand and the production process. Due to the different processes, the prices are different. Do not buy ordinary craft products at a high price. It is important to know whether the selected brand is the brand outdoor wood deck tiles you want.  

Trap 5: To hide from the sky   

Some material dealers have close cooperation with some Liaoyuan home improvement companies or construction teams, and the construction staff will also help you. Many consumers, because they are inexperienced, like to let the construction staff take to buy materials, and these construction staff will take you to the dealer who has a cooperative relationship with him, and the decoration workers are both nursery and shield. Consumers think that the construction staff should be more professional, ignore the quality brand when choosing the bricks, and give a higher price, but they don't know the reason.

   Anti-fraud tactics: Let yourself master some simple professional knowledge, make yourself more professional, have your own opinions, and don't let the constructors control yourself, so as not to be deceived. 

 We need to understand the trap of decking tile purchase to avoid being deceived. If you want to know more about decking tile issues, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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