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What are the methods to maintain ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-09-05

is one of the family is decorated commonly used building materials ceramic tile, ceramic tile more commonly used in the ground and metope decorate, because between bath and kitchen use is frequent, perennial of damp and oily be soiled, make ceramic tile water seepage, become loose, fall off. We need to do maintenance work, maintenance of ceramic tile is what method is there?

1, become loose, fall off

now paste ceramic tile mostly using cement mortar as a binder. It bonding fastness is not enough, and due to long-term in moist, water seepage, immersion environment, easy to cause the loosening of ceramic tile and fall off. Cement mortar to add 107 glue can improve the bonding strength, but the effect is not ideal. Use colophony binder stickup ceramic tile, not only bond strength can reach or exceed porcelain, granite floor tiles, even the noumenon intensity of marble, and soak in water for a long time to also won't be caused fall off.

2, seepage water

because of place of ceramic tile flat-fell seam and paste layer is extremely easy ooze water, can cause adjacent bedroom wall get damp, the coating layer peeling or damage of the wallpaper. Decorate in the metope of Mosaic tile, can not stand the wind and rain for a long time, water seepage get damp phenomenon is particularly serious. Use resin shaped stone binding combining exterior waterproofing agent can be solved.

3, old ceramic tile ceramic tile surface for cigarettes which

the old outdoor ceramic tile to renovate, general requirements all ceramic tile to shovel, the intensity of labor is very big. If you would like to in the old labeled with new ceramic tile ceramic tile, the cement mortar is hard to do, at this time must be used resin binder type stone material, it is not afraid of oily, stain on ceramic tile, and has good bond strength.

what maintain tile method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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