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What are the methods for laying tiles on the floor drain floor?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-16
What are the methods for laying tiles on the floor drain? First, if the floor drain is cut diagonally in the middle of a certain tile, you can cut the tile into four diagonally, and form a groove at a certain inclination during paving. The floor drain is embedded in the center. 2. Four-side cutting method This is also the most common and most applicable solution. Regardless of where the floor drain is, take the floor drain as the center, and draw a box 6-10 cm from the side of the floor drain, make a diagonal line from this place, and make a slope when tiling. 3. Half-diagonal paving If the floor drain is close to the wall, you can cut the tiles along the two corners of the floor drain wall to form a half diagonal. When paving, it should also be inclined to the corner of the wall to make the floor drain position sink and facilitate drainage. Fourth, the cross-shaped paving is centered on the floor drain, and the four corners or sides of the floor drain are aligned with the cross line of the floor tiles and extend to the surrounding direction. This method better maintains the integrity of the floor tiles, is relatively beautiful, and has a natural slope. 5. Displacement paving If the floor tiles of the balcony or bathroom are paving the dislocation plan, you can set the floor drain at the intersection of the four tiles. 6. Edge interruption If the floor drain is also on the side of the wall, and the floor tiles near the wall are straight, you can cut the tiles and leave a place for the floor drain directly in the middle.
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