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What are the material of ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-08

the material has a lot of ceramic tile, the material of different scope of application is different also, so we must combine place when decorating, properly arrange these tiles, then we will see what material ceramic tile.

this is a relatively bright brick, is made through careful polishing the surface of the brick. As part of the brick of exposure, but its surface exposure than the ordinary brick is much more clean. That is why it may be separated from the open brick, become a kind of brick. Polished tiles with bright surface, thus is widely applied in the accident in the kitchen and bathroom. Polishing outdoor ceramic tile surface is smooth, so more toilet is not suitable for contact with water. Polishing brick is easy to dirty, this is a fatal weakness. Polishing brick polishing will leave some porosity. The stomatal dust particularly easy to hide.

the density of the brick is very big. In fact, it is the outdoor ceramic tile. Vitreous brick can be seen as enhanced version of polishing brick, so than polishing brick more wear-resisting. Vitreous brick is one of the main characteristics of the bibulous rate is low, it has become one of the means to identify glass brick. Usually, bibulous rate is lower, the quality of the glass block, the better. Vitreous brick of reserving ability is very strong, is not available in the polishing outdoor wood deck tiles. Vitreous brick, however, also has its disadvantages. Vitreous brick, because of the large density in the same volume of outdoor ceramic tile in the volume is very large, difficult to transport and install.

the surface of glazed pottery is a layer of enamel, don't need high temperature firing, so it's not like polishing brick, glass block and wear-resisting. But it has the advantage of glazed tile decorative effect is very good, the surface can make all kinds of design and pattern. Glazed tile has a very wide range of USES, it can be used to decorate the ground not only, also can be used to decorate wall, which is one of the main characteristics of outdoor ceramic tile.

the ancient brick originated in Europe, in fact is not unique, mainly because of its color and style with antique style, of course, does not exclude the elaborate design of the ancient brick. Antique brick to the old method, so the need when making high technology and equipment, otherwise it is easy to damage on the old steps. Antique brick main adornment effect comes from its shape, design and color, created a kind of retro atmosphere.

the material of ceramic tile, but due to the production craft, the quality is different also, so we must choose the ceramic tile of the big brands, don't let yourself regret, ok, want to see more wonderful content that please focus on the website.

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