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What are the marble tile identification method

by:JIABANG     2021-01-12

marble tile should call in a strict sense & other; Imitation marble tile & throughout; Realistic appearance, has the natural marble. General decking tile of choose and buy, size is very important, so, marble tile identification method have?

1, the product quality good marble tiles fully thick, distinct, touch the product surface, smooth feel warm, like a baby's skin delicate, concave and convex have send, every piece of marble tiles is a natural stone texture and tactile effect, that is why marble tile light without sliding. 2, see the product color at present most enterprises as a result of the limitation of technology, the production of marble tile limited to yellowish gray. Master of marble tile product texture and color transition, no hard feeling. 3, excellent product texture of marble tile and natural marble is almost the same thing is true, texture smooth, natural. In marble of choose and buy ceramic tile, can take a closer look at the texture of the product, whether the texture is natural and beautiful. Effect of 4, look at the shop is stuck in marble of choose and buy decking tile when consider the continuity and integrity of large area of the shop is stuck. Marble tile color, decorative pattern is the reduction of natural stone material, but is the integrity of the natural marble tile does not have, because natural marble texture is different, each piece of product, therefore, the shop is stuck there will be a different effect, so, good marble tile, not only single chip quality is better, but also have change, so the overall effect of the shop is stuck would have integral feeling, the feeling of not repeat. What are marble tile identification method is introduced to here, if you want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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