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What are the maintenance techniques for floor tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-21
maintenance skills:

1. After finishing the home decoration with polished tiles, before using, in order to avoid damage to the tile surface during the construction of other projects, use textile bags and other non-decoloring items to cover the tile surface. protection.

2. If there are some slight scratches on the tiles, you can treat them with toothpaste, apply toothpaste around the scratches, and then wipe them with a clean cloth repeatedly.

3. Use dry mops as much as possible during daily cleaning and mopping, and use less wet mops. The parts are dirty or stained. You can clean them with household cleaners such as detergent and washing powder. Apply floor wax regularly or irregularly, and then polish it after it dries to keep the outdoor wood deck tiles surface as bright as new.

How to accept the granite floor tiles paving

The acceptance method of granite floor tiles:

1. Look:

There are many varieties of floor tiles, according to the variety And the craftsmanship can be divided into outdoor ceramic tile, non-slip tiles, vitrified tiles, polished tiles, micro-powder tiles, bleed tiles and other floor tiles. There are also many quality levels: excellent, qualified, and other foreign products, the quality of the floor tiles and the quality of the decoration Through careful observation, the 'true shape is often revealed': the surface of the floor tiles is cracked, uneven, and the surface of the floor tiles is bright, but there are inclusions in or in the glaze layer, freckles or chromatic aberration in the glaze, which can generally be judged Because the quality of the floor tiles is poor, they are inferior products that must be replaced. In addition, the quality of the decoration and patching of the bricks mainly depends on whether the flatness of the overall surface is greater than 2 mm in the range of 2 meters, and whether the height of the joint between the outdoor wood deck tiles and the brick is greater than 0.5 mm. , Whether the straightness of the seam exceeds 3 mm within 5 meters in length, and anything that exceeds the above range is considered to be a different standard of decoration quality.

2. Knock:

Check whether the floor tiles are inlaid with empty drums. The maintenance method usually uses a special small steel hammer or a small iron hammer or a small iron rod. Lightly buckles around the room. Hit the four corners and the middle of the floor tiles to detect whether the floor tiles have hollow drums. The sound is crisp and normal. If there is a floating sound, it is hollow, indicating that the quality of the decoration is different, and it must be removed and replaced in time. During the inspection, the hollow floor tiles were marked, and it was found that the floor tiles were broken, and the edges were also marked and must be replaced. A home inspector from the same wife told reporters that some decoration companies often mislead consumers with 'a small amount of hollow drums within the scope of the quality promiseThis reminds the owners to pay attention to protecting their rights.

3. Splash:

Why splash water test, floor tile mosaic also has a drainage slope requirement for balcony, bathroom, kitchen room, check the floor of bathroom, kitchen, balcony for potholes If the water goes smoothly, you can know by splashing a lot of water. This 'process' can be carried out at the end. After all other items are checked, use a water container to pour water on the ground. Wait for a while, and where does it accumulate? The water indicates where the floor tiles are not evenly laid or the slope of the water drain is insufficient.

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