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What are the maintenance methods for microcrystalline stone tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-20

   As a new type of building material, microcrystalline stone was recognized and accepted by people in just two or three years. Due to the lack of a correct understanding of microcrystalline stone, the original magnificent microcrystalline stone floor was trampled on by people. The flowers are fading day by day like the lack of moisture, so the following editor will introduce the maintenance methods of microcrystalline stone tiles?

   Daily cleaning: The enemy of Crystal Stone is the gravel under the feet. Therefore, the daily cleaning is mainly to use a dust control system: dry dust push and dust removal + reasonable carpet system to clean. At the entrance and exit of the place of use, carpets or dust-removing mats should be laid to avoid abrasion and scratching of the stone surface by hard debris such as sand and gravel. Cleaning: Quartz sand, the main component of microcrystalline stone, is chemically stable, and has no chemical reaction with acid and alkali at room temperature, and the microcrystalline stone is highly dense, and water-based stains are difficult to penetrate, so general neutral detergents can achieve cleaning effect. However, do not use detergents containing abrasives such as decontamination powder. And because of the low water absorption rate, it is difficult to dry after cleaning, and the surface is smooth, so it is easy to slip. Therefore, it is recommended to clean without guests or use a fully automatic scrubber as much as possible.   Cleaner: Many cleaners on the market contain hydrofluoric acid (HF) and hard particles, which can easily damage the surface of the tile. Avoid using it as much as possible. If you want to use it, you must choose a brand with a good reputation and follow the instructions strictly.   The maintenance methods of microcrystalline stone tiles are introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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