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What are the maintenance methods for living room tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-29

  The living room is a place where many people move around, so it will easily become dirty. Therefore, the tiles in the living room must be properly maintained. The following editor will introduce the maintenance methods for the tiles in the living room?

   1. Anti-scratch: If there is a slight scratch, apply toothpaste around the scratch, wipe it with a soft and clean dry cloth, and then apply a small amount of floor wax, and then wipe it with a clean cloth. Bright can achieve the bright as new effect. If the damage is serious, it should be replaced in time or a professional repaired.  2. Anti-cracking: Do not use metal sharps, glass ceramics, iron nails and other hard objects to hit or rub the ground in daily use. Do not drag weight objects on the ground to avoid scratching the glaze and affecting the appearance.  3. Anti-mold: The gaps between the tiles can be cleaned with decontamination cream from time to time, and then a layer of waterproofing agent is applied to the gaps with a brush to prevent the growth of molds.   4. Anti-moisture: Open doors and windows immediately after cleaning is better, let air circulate, and dry the water vapor on the tile wall. In the humid weather in summer, wipe it again with a dry cloth, and then turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify.  5. Anti-stain: For general stains, you can use a soft dry cloth to treat. If you encounter stains that must be cleaned with water, it is recommended to use a rag that is soaked and wrung out to prevent dripping.  What are the methods of living room tile maintenance are introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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