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What are the maintenance methods for light-colored tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-03

   With more and more use of ceramic tiles in modern home decoration, more and more color choices, and more and more problems, ceramic tiles are often stained by greasy, rust, soap, etc. , Especially light-colored tiles will expose these problems earlier. So what are the maintenance methods for light-colored tiles?

  一: Use multifunctional decontamination cream   tiles are often stained by greasy, rust, soap, etc., especially the joints of tiles are more likely to contain dirt. In order to keep the porcelain surface clean without damaging the gloss of the porcelain surface, you can use a multifunctional decontamination paste for cleaning. In the crevices of the tiles, first use a toothbrush to dip a little decontamination cream to remove the dirt, and then use a brush to brush a water-repellent agent on the crevices. This will not only prevent water seepage but also prevent mold growth.  2: Antifouling on the surface of vitrified tiles is the key. The only defect of vitrified tiles is that after polishing, the pores are exposed, and oil and dust are easy to penetrate. According to industry insiders, this is a recognized problem in the industry, but some manufacturers have solved this problem through new technologies after research. Many brands of products can be sold as qualified products without anti-fouling treatment. Consumers do not understand the situation and do not care when paving is used, which will cause stains. Consumers should ask clearly when buying that the vitrified tiles that have not been treated with anti-fouling treatment should be waxed during use, and ordinary floor wax will do. Before paving, in order to avoid damage to the brick surface during construction, the brick surface should be covered with woven bags and other items that are not easy to decolorize.  3: Add tiles to the surface of old tiles.    Old tiles need to be refurbished. Generally, it is required to shovel all the tiles, which is very labor intensive. If you want to add new tiles to old tiles, cement mortar is difficult to do. At this time, resin-based stone adhesives must be used. It is not afraid of greasy and stains on the tiles, and has good bonding strength.   The daily maintenance of light-colored tiles also needs to master some small skills. You can choose water and detergent or soap when cleaning; add a little ammonia and turpentine when cleaning with soap to make the tiles more smooth.   If there is tea or other daily necessities attached to the tiles, it should be wiped clean in time and should be cleaned with corresponding cleaning supplies if necessary. If there are scratches on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface, you can apply toothpaste on the scratches and wipe them with a cloth to repair them.   Light-colored tiles maintenance methods are introduced here, if you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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