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What are the main points of ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2020-12-11

in the family is decorated use more of a material, granite floor tiles is there are many kinds of, however, choose to decorate the family need owner to decide for themselves. So below small make up to introduce what are the key points of ceramic tile of choose and buy?

1。 Look at the higher the gloss on the surface of the ceramic tile, ceramic tile sintered density, the better. Good decking tile, glazed were shining brilliantly, poor ceramic tile, glazed is bleak. 2. Listen to the sound distinguishing quality hand knock on ceramic tile surface. Good ceramic tile density high sound is ringing, lively; The ceramic tile with less density low sound more depressing. 3. Fell good not afraid fell good decking tile ceramic tile, face to face with the breakage of the vertical fall after won't have any. The ceramic tile with good ceramic tile strength, poor strength is low, a cast will be broken. 4. Say good big good ceramic tile ceramic tile weight density is high, weight are heavier, more real, uniform thickness, edge horn without defects such as skip feet. Poor quality of ceramic tile weight is lighter. 5. Wet good ceramic tile ceramic tile is bibulous experiment after high temperature firing, bibulous rate is low, the water on in ceramic tile, won't appear the phenomenon of diffusion, basically that shows ceramic tile not bibulous. 6. Pressure endurance test the impending good ceramic tile, ceramic tile people standing on the ceramic tile, if there is no damage or cracking, decking tile is basically shows the bearing strength of ceramic tile is very good. 7. Grinding pen corrosion wear resistance experiments on brick with dishcloth after painting, don't leave a mark, the ceramic tile of good corrosion resistance. Stretch out the surface of the outdoor wood deck tiles with the key, no marks, resistance to wear. 8. Pick to select good base is the color of the bottom slab is meters between white and yellow color, if present slant yellow or black base color, shows that the product contained too much impurity. 9. Measure whether neat use vernier caliper to measure the corners of the brick, and diagonal lines. Four Angle measurement data is consistent, the best control in 0. Within 5 mm. of choose and buy what are the main points are introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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