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What are the imitation wood ceramic tile of choose and buy method

by:JIABANG     2021-01-24

for imitation wood granite floor tiles believe that a lot of people are not strange, it is a kind of real wood floor has believed that the ceramic tile of appearance, in performance is combined with the ceramic tile with the advantage of real wood. So what methods imitation wood decking tile of choose and buy?

a: the higher the accuracy of the gauge length ceramic tile, the better the effect after the shop is stuck, buy ceramic tile is not only easy to construction, and can save time and materials. Every piece of decking tile is measured with a measuring tape around the size of the difference between, high precision for top grade. 2: listen to the tap with good thing, the sound is ringing, the vitrified degree is higher, the better the quality. can also be set up, hold the corner with his left hand, right hand index finger tapping the tile part, such as voice clear, sweet after taste, such as sound dull, turbidity is inferior. Three: anti-counterfeiting now generally big brands of ceramic tile will be printed with the brand Logo in the bottom of a brick back MianPi, this is actually the anti-counterfeiting mark, ceramic tile not only the slab bottom with Logo, polishing outdoor wood deck tiles on the edge of the brick surface with a party in the middle of 10 cm, there is also a anti-fake mark, is invisible to the naked eye, but with ultraviolet light is illuminated, the Logo of ceramic tile is clearly visible. Careful contrast the above five little trick, buy good outdoor wood deck tiles is easy. Four: look at the brick surface colour and lustre is uniform, good flatness, smoothness and surrounding rules, the design is complete, pulled out a few pieces from the same batch, compared to no color difference, no deformation, defects such as lack of Angle and edge after taste. 5: water, water droplets in ceramic tile the reverse side to scatter the water infiltration speed, in general, bibulous the slower, show that the density of decking tile, the greater the quality, the better; On the contrary, the faster the water absorption, density is sparse, its quality is better than the former. What methods imitation wood ceramic tile of choose and buy is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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