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What are the ground floor tile method

by:JIABANG     2021-01-18

decorate ceramic tile, is every owner decorate early must carry out a project. But because most owner very little knowledge of ceramic tile, so introduce below small make up on the ground floor tile method have?

the first step: in the ground brush again and water cement ratio of 0. 40. Five element cement water. The second step: and then on the shop 1:3 cement mortar, mortar to dry wet moderate, standard is & other; Hand dough, ground & throughout; , mortar out paving. Step 3: put the bricks on the mortar, with a rubber hammer solid outdoor wood deck tiles and the first piece of benchmark level. Step 4: after beating strong, picked up a ceramic tile, the mortar have owe pulp or uneven places, sprinkle with mortar added infill. Step 5: the second put ceramic tile on the shop, beating the strong to brick and benchmark level. Step 6: the second pick up ceramic tile, check to see if the ground mortar has been full, is there a gap, if already full and smooth, evenly daub on decking tile layer of cement slurry. What methods ground granite floor tiles is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand decking tile details.

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