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What are the empty drum ceramic tile to avoid method

by:JIABANG     2020-08-04

empty drum ceramic tile that affect household not only beautiful, will also affect the life, the last also need maintenance. So we have to avoid this kind of circumstance, so empty drum ceramic tile to avoid method have?

1, shop sticks ceramic tile at the grass-roots level to handle

in order to avoid the empty drum ceramic tile, so the shop sticks ceramic tile skills must be mastered well, first of all ceramic tile shop sticks of metope, ground at the grass-roots level to deal with clean. And wet with water the day before at the grass-roots level, it is best to control the humidity 3070%, if the base is a new metope, the dry cement mortar to 7 into such as need, it should be ready to shop sticks ceramic tile.

2, ceramic tile, clean and soaking process

in addition, before the shop is stuck in ceramic tile, need to stain on the surface of it clean, and then use clean water to immerse, takes about 2 hours, until don't take a bubble, and then take out, such as surface to dry before the shop is stuck.

3, cement mortar should be full uniform

decorate ceramic tile is very important point is the problem of outdoor ceramic tile accessories, such as cement mortar, cement mortar mix must be uniform. And after outdoor ceramic tile to stick on the wall of cement solidification need some time, cement in the phenomenon of coagulation, it is easy to appear before sinking, so this time to pay attention to the status of cement, it tends to be easy to appear empty drum phenomenon.

4, tapping exhaust needs fully

the ground granite floor tiles, need to be put at the bottom of the ceramic tile exhaust thoroughly clean, because if the bottom of the uneven thickness of cement mortar, there will be a sag basin shape, thus the problem of empty drum ceramic tile. So when ceramic tile, must use rubber hammer percussion ceramic tile, avoid empty drum ceramic tile.

5, set aside enough expansion joint sitting room, in order to avoid problems with the ceramic tile to appear empty drum ceramic tile shall reserve 2 - when the shop is stuck 5 mm of the expansion joints, its purpose is to prevent the expansion of the ceramic tile in the heat shock cases, extrusion occurred between adjacent tiles, lead to the phenomenon that falls off empty drum.

what are empty drum ceramic tile to avoid method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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