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What are the difference between marble and ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2021-01-16

with the coming of decorate busy season, many people face a problem: the choice between what is the difference between marble and ceramic tile? Household decorates with marble or use ceramic tile good? How to choose a can let the family live more comfortable and more comfortable? Today, small make up to introduce you to the relevant knowledge.

a: the first difference can be performed from the adornment effect of the different understanding. Marble TianRanXing is strong, is the most significant characteristic pattern texture delicate, soft and moist, beautiful and easy, natural effect is very good. The fine marble, white marble was the ancients as the white marble. In terms of decoration, ceramic tile is completely made from processing and manufacturing of ceramic tile, marble as compared with. has sometimes, however, its variety, the processing of color texture, can create a variety of different style effect. 2: the second difference can be understand from the aspects of product scope. Marble is a natural product, was developed and used as building decoration materials, belong to the hardness of stone material, has good strength, long service life. But the hardness of the marble slightly insufficient, not wear-resisting, should not be used as surface decoration. Marble has a drawback is easy to weathering, so is unfavorable also the shop is stuck in the outdoor. Relatively speaking, the different types of ceramic tile, in order to meet the demand of different decoration and constantly improve production technology, and classify, if there is specially used for exterior wall outdoor wood deck tiles external wall outdoor wood deck tiles, have strong wear-resisting granite floor tiles, also have adornment effect of high-grade fashion polishing brick, microcrystalline, etc. The broader scope of application. Three: the third difference can be understand from safety environmental protection. Marble and ceramic tile whether there is a certain amount of radiation? Accurately, radiation is some, but also should pay attention to the size of the radiation problems. Natural marble radiation is bigger, it is recommended that the household general area of the shop is stuck not marble. The decking tile of radioactive is smaller, generally no influence to the human body. Small make up on so many, I believe you already know about the difference between marble and ceramic tile. Actually, the understanding is that small make up, select or choose ceramic tile, marble or undertake choosing according to decorate area and decoration effect. If you still want to know more can click on the brand decking tile details.

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