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What are the considerations to buy ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-17

there are a lot of family decorate the ground material, such as ceramic tile, marble, wood, etc are common ground decorates material. Only ceramic tile gradually become a major advocate material, must not be missing in the decoration in household, kitchen, toilet, the balcony had better choose ceramic tile, beautiful and easy manageable. The types of ceramic tile on the market at present is very much also, today let small make up take you to know about the ceramic tile of choose and buy domestic outfit tips.

to buy ceramic tile to be aware of the eight items

a, buy ceramic tile to be aware of the eight items: the prices for the selected brick with your budget closely related:

the price of ceramic tile can be from a few dollars a square meters to hundreds of pieces of a square. Generally 50 is recommended for kitchen, bathroom. 00 - 90. 00 per square. The labor cost of ceramic tile are 40 per square, if you buy below 35 waste cement ceramic tile. The sitting room. 80. More than 00 per square, quality guaranteed.

2, buy outdoor ceramic tile to be aware of the eight items: clear which parts need to shop sticks ceramic tile: kitchen? The toilet? The balcony? Sitting room or bedroom?

3, buy ceramic tile to be aware of the eight items: clear yourself choose the type of brick: this has to do with the integral style of the home, garden, contemporary and contracted style. Mostly rural style: matte brick as the main, Dumb smooth interior wall + archaize brick) , contemporary and contracted style: bright light brick, wall brick + polishing outdoor wood deck tiles.

4, buy ceramic tile to be aware of the eight items: a clear choice of brick specifications:

+ toilet metope commonly used kitchen ceramic tile specifications are: 300 * 450 or 300 * 600. Scarcity value, can also with other members of the opposite sex specification, just more money, this material to your point, Labour cost is high.

granite floor tiles: toilet ground due to find slope, facilitate floor drain drainage, it is best to use small size ceramic tile, 300 * 300 or 300 the following specifications. It is better to matte brick. price from more than 10 pieces per square to more than 800 / flat, want to consider to stop slippery, wear resistance, suggested by 60. More than 00 per square, because toilet area is generally not in 3 - Between 8 square. This is once and for all.

general balcony is ok with 300 * 300; The sitting room below 30 square it is advisable to use 600 * 600, more than 30 square with 800 * 800 see the atmosphere.

5, buy ceramic tile to be aware of the eight items: when choosing toilet and kitchen wall outdoor wood deck tiles note:

practical, environmental protection and beautiful. Practical, environmental protection this is needless to say. Aesthetics is the color, design and color, the flatness, geometry size of ceramic tile itself. General advice to reserve 1 - 1. 5 mm natural shrinkage cracks, because ceramic tile also should heat bilges cold shrink. Wall brick is bibulous rate is about 10%. It is best to use waterproof, but this did not mean not bibulous. Practical, I understand, so need three things: the fouling resistance, abrasion resistance, prevent slippery. There is no best, only better suited to their own is the best, according to their own economic situation.

6, buy ceramic tile to be aware of the eight items: understand outdoor ceramic tile products: be sure to know the production capacity and equipment production enterprises.

to buy ceramic tile, need to be aware of the eight items: need to be careful when buying a promotional products: best ask merchants depreciate reason, whether to ensure the quality, the general law enforcement not accept such complaints, anyway write clearly about the quality of black and white is the best.

eight, buy ceramic tile to be aware of the eight items: shop around: do you like brand ceramic tile, a convenient time can inquire on the network have any quality problem of complaints, the local dealer where is the business address, don't run into the secondary agents and distribution of premium for there.

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