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What are the common sense of tile paving?

by:JIABANG     2021-07-09
Improper operation during paving, unqualified construction level, and inattentive supervision and acceptance can all cause problems in the future life of ceramic tiles. Therefore, whether you are buying bricks or selling bricks, the following basic paving common sense is worth checking out. Keep the joints of the tiles, because the tiles will expand and contract under the influence of the environment. The reserved joints can prevent the adjacent tiles from squeezing and emptying and falling off. In addition, the remaining joints of the tiles can also reduce the uneven joints and uneven paving caused by the error of the tile size and the manual operation error. Paving direction For tiles with obvious texture, in order to ensure the visual effect after paving, you need to pave in the direction of the arrow on the bottom label of the tile. Otherwise, the texture may not match up, and it may also cause unevenness. Ceramic tiles must be soaked in water to prevent the embryo body from absorbing the moisture in the cement mortar after paving and affecting the adhesion. Soak in clean water for more than 2 hours before paving, and take it out to dry until the outdoor wood deck tiles body does not bubbling. When cleaning the back mortar tile factory, it is easy to form a layer of white powder on the back of the tile. This layer of powder will form a barrier layer during paving and affect the contact between cement mortar and bricks, thereby reducing the bonding strength. Therefore, it must be treated carefully before paving, and if necessary, brush before and after soaking to ensure that there is no residue of mortar. The bonding material should be uniform. Many masters use a spatula to scrape back and forth when applying cement mortar (or tile glue), and the corners are curved. This approach is not correct because the surface of the teeth is uneven, and the density is uneven. It will cause the bonding area between the bonding material and the decking tile to become smaller, and the bonding force becomes weaker. The correct approach should be: on a horizontal base surface, use a toothed scraper to evenly form the tile glue into a toothed layout. Note that for tiles of the same color number, different batches will have a certain color difference. The manufacturer will divide tiles of similar colors into the same color number through color separation. Workers who do not pay attention to the color number when paving will result in obvious color difference between adjacent tiles. In addition, some owners did not calculate the quantity when purchasing ceramic tiles, which led to the need to re-purchase later. If they did not pay attention to choosing products with the same batch number and color number as the original product, slight color difference may also occur. After the jointed tiles are laid, it is best to do the jointing treatment after 24 hours, and apply the pre-prepared jointing agent evenly in the gap between the tiles. In pursuit of beauty, if you have enough budget, you can also use beauty seam agent, with better color and performance. If the tile has a high water absorption rate, it will easily turn yellow and color aberration due to excessive water absorption after paving. Cutting tile cutting is also a problem-prone link, and the cutting size and cutting method require precise operations. If the workmanship is not superb, the surface of the tiles may be darkly cracked when the tiles are cut by hand. In addition, whether the base layer is level, whether there are hollow cracks on the ground of the new wall, whether there is delamination of the waterproof napped layer, etc., are all details to be paid attention to. Note that sand and rubble often appear in the sand and gravel construction site. If you accidentally step on it, it is easy to leave scratches on the tiles. Therefore, the construction site should pay attention to protecting the tiles. The paved floor tiles can be padded with packing paper first, and at the same time, avoid dragging heavy construction equipment on the tiles. For waterproof toilets, balconies and other spaces, make sure to make a waterproof layer before tiling. If the original waterproof layer is damaged during the construction, it must be re-waterproofed, and the accumulated water must be tested for 24 hours without leakage. Clean the dirt and paving in time. After 1 hour, the cement, caulking agent or other dirt on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface should be wiped clean in time, because it is more difficult to clean after four hours of adhesion of the glue. Check the effect of paving After 12 hours of paving, check the effect of tile paving (empty rate, whether there are cracks, etc.) in time. If it is found to be unqualified, it should be re-laid. It is best to choose the joint of the two tiles for the hole drilling position. If it is not suitable, it can be in the middle of the tile. It is best not to choose the edge of the tile, which will easily cause the outdoor wood deck tiles body to break. In addition, before punching, check whether there is an empty drum at the tile. If the empty drum is empty, you need to re-select the position, because the hole at the empty drum will easily cause the tiles to break and fall off. The cutout of the water outlet on the wall of the opening size must be appropriate, otherwise the opening is too large to expose the pores and not beautiful. Cut the round if it should be round. Don't cut the square hole to find it ugly.
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