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What are the cleaning methods of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-07

we at ordinary times when cleaning, general for the granite floor tiles how to clean? Sometimes there will be some difficult cleaning besmirch, we use what would be a good clean? We know what a better cleaning method? So let's introduce the cleaning methods of ceramic tile have?

1, indoor outdoor ceramic tile cleaning

in fact, the bathroom, the kitchen ceramic tile is also not clear, the ceramic tile stick after a period of time, the bathroom will often appear not good-looking color ceramic tile, clean feeling seems to be wrong, how. Should we clean with soap and water to add a few ammonia with a mixture of turpentine oil, make ceramic tile more luster, believe that after cleaning the bathroom must be like in the new. The kitchen is the place that easy to get dirty, and still not clear, because the kitchen a lot will stick on the oil, the oil is very bad. Clean the kitchen can use toothpaste to clean up, also can use the kitchen oil cleaning fluid, in which combined with paraffin and white vinegar to clean the effect will be better.

2, exterior wall tile cleaning

in exterior wall tiles are more susceptible to dirt, paint, dirt, etc, according to different dirt, there are different ways. Exterior wall tile cement, can be used directly to root out the way, also can use professional concrete cleaner. Outside wall also often produce bleached thing, that is naturally produced by natural stone material and concrete, is not easy to remove, can be used to alkali agent to clear. The simple cleaning dust directly using the mop to go, want more clean can be added using the detergent. Meet paint rusty spot and so on, to use professional cleaner to clean up.

3, general dirt cleaning

the relevant tea, coffee, beer, ice cream and other pollutants can make the potassium bicarbonate solution. Various glue can be used banana water remove, because pure banana oil is colorless transparent liquid, volatile soluble in a variety of organic solvents, mainly used as a paint solvent and thinner. Brick and tile aperture place can not regularly clean with decontamination creams, again in aperture to brush a layer of waterproofing agent, can prevent the growth of mold. And remember that two to three months should play a wax, for maintenance.

the cleaning methods of ceramic tile what is introduced here, if you click to learn more knowledge to learn more about decorating.

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