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What are the classifications of non-slip bricks

by:JIABANG     2021-05-17
What are the classifications of non-slip tiles? 1. . Refers to a tile with a glaze layer burnt on the surface of the tile. This kind of brick is roughly divided into two categories: one is fired with clay, this kind of brick has low strength. The water absorption rate is large, and it is not used much in the decoration process at present, and it has almost been eliminated; the other is made of porcelain clay. This kind of brick has high strength, low water absorption, strong antifouling performance, smooth glaze surface and good chemical properties. At present, it is widely used in residential floor decoration. The difference between these two types of outdoor ceramic tile can also be seen by visual inspection. The back of the bricks fired with clay is red, while the back of the outdoor ceramic tile fired with porcelain clay is white. 2. Vitrified bricks. This is a kind of porcelain brick fired at high temperature. It is a first-class granite floor tiles with a higher grade than polished tiles. This granite floor tiles is the hardest kind of all tiles. In addition, the mirror reflection effect on the surface of the vitrified outdoor wood deck tiles is very good. Therefore, choosing this brick can better express the effect of decoration. The price of this kind of floor tiles is also relatively high, and not many are used in general residential decoration. Wall and floor tiles generally refer to ceramic tiles. It has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, easy to clean, etc., and is most suitable for damp or hygienic spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms. 3. Whole body bricks. This is a non-glazed porcelain tile with good slip resistance and abrasion resistance. Most of the 'anti-slip bricks' we usually call are full-body bricks. The price of this kind of brick is moderate. It is very popular with everyone. 4. Polished tiles. After the whole body brick is polished, it becomes a polished brick. It is a brick that is one grade higher than the whole body brick. This kind of brick is very hard and very wear-resistant. The above explained what is a non-slip brick. Through the description of the article, we can understand the characteristics of the non-slip outdoor wood deck tiles. Understanding these problems can avoid our blind choice, because this is a necessary item for home decoration. When using in some damp and oily environments, for the safety of yourself and your family, you should choose non-slip tiles with better performance.
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