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What are the characteristics of microcrystalline stone tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-19

   Nowadays, the decking tile market has many names. Many consumers are hesitant when buying ceramic tiles. Which one is more durable, polished tiles or vitrified tiles, what is the effect of antique tiles, and what building materials are microcrystalline stones? What is the difference with other ceramic tiles... Every owner will have this consideration before decoration, because there are so many types, so it must be difficult to choose. Then the editor will help you share some of it and solve the problem of what are the characteristics of microcrystalline stone tiles.

   microcrystalline stone is a new type of material. According to its raw materials and production process, it can be divided into three types: 'non-porous   non-porous microcrystalline stone is also called artificial white marble. Its color is very pure, there are no pores, no messy spots, high gloss, and 0 water absorption, which overcomes the defects of ordinary ceramic tiles. It is an important part of high-end decoration places such as walls, floors, and wash basins.  The whole body of microcrystalline stone is formed after high temperature sintering with a special process and selected main components of granite. The hardness and strength are very high, it will not break easily, and it will not fade, and it is particularly easy to maintain. The composite crystallite is the glass-ceramic composite board. This product fully combines the advantages of vitrified outdoor wood deck tiles and glass-ceramic, and has perfect stain resistance. At the same time, because it must be fired twice, the radioactivity of the stone can be avoided. , Is the best green material for home improvement. Now in the market, this is what the owners love. Its texture, performance, color, etc. are almost perfect. The decoration is magnificent, noble and elegant. If used as a background wall in home decoration, the effect is particularly prominent. What are the characteristics of microcrystalline stone tiles? From the advantages and decoration effects of this kind of microcrystalline stone, the owners must have a positive evaluation of it.   What are the characteristics of microcrystalline stone tiles? Do you have a clear answer? In addition, the editor still wants to remind everyone that everyone has their own aesthetic direction, style positioning, and consumption level. The choice of ceramic tiles will naturally be different. For high-consumption, high-grade and high-grade owners, microcrystalline stone tiles are the best choice.

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