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What are the characteristics of microcrystalline stone tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-19

   Microcrystalline tiles are made of glass-ceramics and polished tiles. The surface hardness is relatively poor. Generally, they are not used as floor tiles. They are mostly used for wall decoration or as a substitute for stone. So what are the characteristics of microcrystalline stone tiles?

  1. The Mohs hardness of the crystal jade layer on the surface of the microcrystalline tile is 5-6, and the strength is lower than the Mohs hardness of the polished tile 6-7.  2. The surface gloss of the microcrystalline brick is high, which can reach 90%, and it will easily show up if scratches are encountered.  3. There are a certain number of pinholes on the surface of the microcrystalline bricks, which are easy to show when encountering dirt.   4. The surface of microcrystalline tiles is easier to scratch than polished tiles, and it is easy to show up, so microcrystalline tiles are not suitable for large-area paving. 5. The microcrystalline outdoor wood deck tiles has a flat and clean surface, uniform color tone, clear and elegant texture, soft and crystal luster, brilliant and bright color, hard and delicate texture, no water absorption, anti-pollution, acid and alkali resistance, weathering resistance, green environmental protection, no radioactive poison and other high-quality quality Quality.   What are the characteristics of microcrystalline stone tiles are introduced here, if you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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