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What are the characteristics of living room floor tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-17

   At present, ceramic tiles are products that people have to buy for decoration. There are many types of ceramic tiles, which brings some trouble to everyone's purchase. Ceramic tiles of different materials have their own unique characteristics. So which kind of floor tiles is good? What are the precautions for choosing floor tiles? Let me talk about what kind of floor tiles are good and what are the precautions for choosing floor tiles in the following text.

  Floor tiles quote

  1. Dongpeng ceramic tiles: commonly used ceramic tiles in the living room and bedroom, simple and generous, price: 89 yuan

  2. Baorun tiles: 800x800 tiles, non-slip, wear-resistant, price: 42 yuan;

  3. Dongpeng tiles: the size is 800x800, the commonly used tiles in the living room and bedroom, the price: 79 yuan;

  4. Xiongpai living room tiles: size 800x800, bedroom tiles, approximate price: 36 yuan;

  5. Meissen Yinglun: The marble tile size is 600x900, and the approximate price is 88 yuan;

  6. Eagle tile: commonly used in living room and bedroom, size 800x800, approximate price: 76 yuan;

Characteristics of    floor tiles

  1. The decking tile is a kind of whole-body brick. The reason why it is called decking tile is because the surface of the whole-body brick is polished and polished during the production process. Therefore, compared with the general whole-body outdoor wood deck tiles, the surface of the ceramic tile has a high smoothness. In recent years, a new type of ceramic decoration material is very popular at home and abroad.

  2. There are many types of ceramic tiles sold in the domestic market, including four series of unglazed tiles, granite tiles, magic tiles, and bleed tiles. We can choose suitable ones according to our needs when we decorate. Own tiles. With the application of bleeding technology, ceramic tiles can also have various imitated stone and wood effects, and the decoration effect can be comparable to natural granite. Generally, it is more suitable for use in toilets, kitchens, and balconies.

  3. Ordinary ceramic tiles have no radioactive elements: natural stone is a mineral, not sintered at high temperature, so it contains a few trace radioactive elements, long-term exposure will be harmful to the human body; ceramic tiles will not cause harm to the human body.

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