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What are the characteristics of cement tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-11

  House decoration is a major event. In order to have a better decoration effect and durability, many users now choose ceramic tiles. There are many types of ceramic tiles. Among them, cement tiles are frequently used in parks, tourist parks and other places. Cement tiles are not only an outdoor granite floor tiles, but also very suitable for indoor decoration. Cement tiles are recognized by many users for their unique effects and better dirt resistance. So what are the characteristics of cement tiles?

  1. This kind of floor tiles are widely used. They are mainly made of a variety of raw materials, including fly ash, chemical slag, natural sand, sea mud, cinder and tailings. At the same time, it is made by firing cement as a coagulant. It can be said that cement tile is a relatively environmentally friendly granite floor tiles, which can effectively save energy and is a new type of material used for walls and floors. Now the country has vigorously promoted this decoration material. 2. Its process technology is relatively mature. It uses high-pressure forming technology in production, which can effectively ensure the compactness of cement bricks. The cement bricks have low water absorption, good frost resistance and high strength, so cement bricks It is also a common outdoor wood deck tiles for outdoor use. Cement tiles are suitable for various urban construction projects. With these advantages, it is widely used in gardens, residential quarters, colleges, factories, sidewalks, squares and other places such as environmental beautification. 3. This kind of decking tile also has good decorative properties. Its color is mainly gray tones. Compared with traditional white and other light colors, it is more stain-resistant and durable, and it also has better anti-fouling performance. It is suitable for use in ground decoration and industrial style decoration. Gray is also a classic color. It is darker than white and lighter than black. It is not purer than black and white, but it is not like a single black and white. At the same time, it can give people a sense of maturity and calmness.  4. Although this kind of decking tile has many advantages, such as good decoration, good stain resistance, and easy cleaning and maintenance, it also has a shortcoming. That is, the combination of cement floor tiles and plastering mortar is not as good as red bricks. If improper construction, it is easy to cause cracks on the wall and affect the aesthetics of the wall or ground. Therefore, we should fully spray water during construction. In the villa with higher requirements It is also necessary to consider hanging steel mesh on the wall, only in this way can effectively prevent cracks from appearing.   The characteristics of cement tiles are introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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