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What are the ceramic tile species

by:JIABANG     2020-12-22

when buying ceramic tile, we are not casually to buy, usually need to know their first several room, or where to use what kind of ceramic tile, other places laid to buy what kind of ceramic tile ceramic tile is good, so what are the decking tile sort, and the corresponding type should be laid in what place? This small make up to explain it in detail to you! ( kind)

1。 Bo changes a brick

when it comes to bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles, we can easily think of the brick, because they both belong to the same species, bibulous rate is lower than 0. 5% of outdoor wood deck tiles of pottery and porcelain are known as bo changes a brick, the surface of the body after polishing is very light and stain resistant. It is because the bibulous rate is low, so its high hardness, not easy scratches, very suitable for used in public places such as the sitting room.

2。 Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles we should all be a little smell, the so-called Mosaic is also called the paper brick, originated from ancient Greece, is a kind of small ceramic tile Mosaic all sorts of adornment design, because the area is too small, so when buying is to buy more tiles. Billet by semi-dry pressing forming, after roasting. Pug with CaO, Fe2O3 and also used in coloring. Color is rich, strong resistance to pressure, not easily broken. So use a very wide range.

3。 Polishing brick

polishing brick is a kind of body brick, its polished surface is very light and the material is hard, very suitable for kitchen and bathroom. But easy, polishing brick, skid resistance is bad, granite floor tiles is generally not recommended.

4。 Microlite tile

in the ceramic tile species is belong to is a high-end products, this product to go through the secondary processing and molding of it. Microlite is relatively thin, good gloss, this kind of product it is to increase the beautiful sex of ceramic tile itself, won't appear particularly dark. So now says it is especially suitable for use in the home is decorated in, microlite is right choice, can effectively improve the design of the atmosphere that occupy the home feeling, at the same time also is able to meet the demand of the users of the life, in general the price is more expensive, the price is about more than in 1000.

the classification of ceramic tile of course more than that. But, that's the basic decoration use ceramic tile! If you want to know more related content, welcome to continue to focus on our website, there must be you want to know the consultation! Finally thank you for watching! ( kind)

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