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What are the ceramic tile shop sticks skill

by:JIABANG     2020-12-07

ceramic tile is very common decoration materials, it has many characteristics, such as easy to clean, durable and rich style, it is easy to get the favour of the public. So in the process of the ceramic tile laying, ceramic tile shop sticks skills have?

1: according to the shop is stuck in the form of determining the row way outdoor wood deck tiles in ceramic tile, it is important to note that the granite floor tiles decorative pattern direction, if there is a directional pattern, should according to the chart showing the direction of the shop is stuck to the best. Some decking tile texture is not obvious, some cement worker wouldn't notice this detail, it will stick out will look messy. 2: had better use the shop is stuck seam is a lot of people in order to pursue beauty, don't like to leave a gap when ceramic tile, although beautiful, but not practical, must take into account the problem of heat bilges cold shrink, if no gap, time is long will summon the ceramic tile, need to post again. So you had better use the shop is stuck seam when decorate. 3: seed line specifications in accordance with floor tile specifications the anchor line and floor tile for sewing shop is stuck, generally in the living room or bedroom tile, everyone always likes to shop 815 mm stude screws line, but many people don't pay attention to the specifications, the more won't go to the shop is stuck to seaming, is not beautiful. 4: we should to put new tile should be under the fish in clean water for at least thirty minutes later, in order to the shop is stuck. Now, of course, the porcelain of archaize outdoor wood deck tiles paved on the wall or polishing outdoor wood deck tiles walls are not soggy, that is to say, bibulous rate is large products need first immersed again the shop is stuck; Metope, the ratio of cement and sand is 1 to 4, the ground with cement sand ratio of 3 to 1. 5: stick out timely clean decking tile in the shop is stuck, after an hour should be timely will stay in tile wipe clean, cement and other sticky dirty object if it is difficult to clean off long period of time. What are the decking tile shop sticks technique introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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