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What are the ceramic tile shop sticks method

by:JIABANG     2020-12-05

in the decoration, decoration materials has a lot of, such as floor tile is one of them, because of the high with good performance, are generally used in the home of the sitting room, toilet, etc, so, today for everyone to introduce what are the ceramic tile shop sticks method, and see it together.

01, old house ground must fully play MAO, concave depth of not less than 0. 5 ㎜, spacing of 5 ㎝, then brush the water mud again. Note cannot set water, prevent seam permeability by board downstairs. 02, with a horizontal tube level, such as the ground elevation difference to do more than 2 ㎝ mortar screed-coat again. Mortar mixture ratio of 1:3. Stone, granite floor tiles, varieties, specifications, color and design should meet the requirements of the design, the household act the role of face plate surface must not have Nick, lack of edge drop horn and other defects. Shall not use expired and agglomerate of cement as bonding material. Before laying floor tile must be all out of the box. 03, floor tile shop sticks as far as possible, use a computer typesetting, after carefully before measurement and choose the reasonable plan, statistics the specific number of granite floor tiles of horse, to arrange beautiful and reduce the loss for the purpose, and the key check whether the geometry size of the room is tidy. 04, mortar using 1:2. 5 cement mortar volume ratio ( Concrete often hold for: water clouds, the ground) , the adhesive layer shall not be less than 12 ㎜ thick, mortar, cement use unified giant cement. 800× Polishing outdoor wood deck tiles or granite by 1:4 ~ 800 the water and sediment volume. More than 600 * 600 ( 600 * 600) 。 More than 500 x500 specification floor tile appropriate USES dry paste method. 05, floor tile shop sticks before flooding after air to dry the wet outside, no water surface, the colors used. 06 before, stick to the relation direction reticle, stick relation must guarantee, can not be done. 07, pay attention to the floor tile whether need spelling a flower, or according to a unified direction the shop is stuck, cutting floor tile must be accurate, the transition of the place such as door cover, tank bottom edge must closely, gap to uniform. What are the decking tile shop sticks method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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