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What are the ceramic tile quality identification method

by:JIABANG     2020-08-15

in the household decorates granite floor tiles is one of the most important part of, before installation to choose and buy good material, how to choose a good ceramic tile is a problem, to introduce below small make up on ceramic tile quality identification methods are there?

the thickness

why do you want to see the thickness of the ceramic tile? Thickness is an important parameter, the inside of the outdoor wood deck tiles of pottery and porcelain standard also is one of the important reference factors that measures ceramic tile quality.

note: might as well also can measure the actual thickness of ceramic tile with a ruler. Bibulous rate


outdoor ceramic tile is after the high temperature burn becomes, the higher the temperature of the fire the chemical reaction and physical change, the more intense, so the higher the density of ceramic tile; Density of ceramic tile, of course, in addition to the associated with firing temperature, with raw materials formula also has a close relationship.

why do you want to measure water absorption?

because of bibulous rate is in addition to determine the density of ceramic tile at the same time, there is a very important property that is fouling resistance, bibulous rate, the lower the ceramic tile of the fouling resistance is better; Conversely, bibulous rate is, the higher the outdoor ceramic tile of fouling resistance is relatively poor.

the flatness

specific implementation:

(1) the commonly used method is to two pieces of outdoor wood deck tiles face to face and quadrilateral neat to merge, and then in the middle of the observation aperture less, need to pay attention to this method is not suitable for glazed tile;

(2) with a reference measure the length of the outdoor wood deck tiles two diagonal edges, and then compare the two measurements, see how much its deviation.

roughness effects: if ceramic tile flatness is not good, so outdoor ceramic tile will appear after the construction, the specific performance people will be kicking tile surface phenomenon.

the hardness

this is simple, you can use the COINS on the surface of the brick but use a little strength, if there is an obvious scratches, shows that the hardness of ceramic tile is poor; On the other hand, if there are no apparent Nick, excellent hardness that shows ceramic tile.

what are ceramic tile quality identification method is introduced to here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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