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What are the ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2020-12-11

key points of ceramic tile of choose and buy is almost owner decorate is talking about the most popular topics, are much more talks, natural because there are a lot of questions, the owners want to know more in talking about the knowledge of decking tile to buy more satisfied with the products. , here small make up giving advice is, first of all, you have to make sure you want to buy what kind of style, the size of ceramic tile, then there are some professional knowledge of ceramic tile, we listed below in addition to the points:

a, good ceramic tile should be glaze should be smooth and delicate, look at the surface of ceramic tile;

2, put together a few pieces of brick of pottery and porcelain spelling, look carefully in the light, good product color difference is very small, tonal consistent between products; Color difference is bigger, and poor products between color shades;

three, watch the color of ceramic tile color and clarity, if the natural, said vitrified degree is high, colour is not clear, vitrified degree is low;

4, watch design and color design, design is exquisite, lifelike, no obvious lack of color, break the blemish, dislocation, etc;

5, a few drops on the underside of the tile tea, juice or water for several minutes, depending on the degree of the spread of water suction, no water absorption or bibulous rate is low, good quality;

6, the ceramic tile to hear whether voice knock is ringing, sound crisp, porcelain coefficent, the higher the density and hardness;

7, whether there are scratches with sharp objects scratching ceramic tile, if there are scratches said poor glazing is easy to make people slip, the surface of the glaze after polishing, outdoor wood deck tiles surface will not be soiled clean;

eight, when ceramic tile of choose and buy, within one meter with macroscopic observation surface had pinhole, if any, said glaze not fully integration, easy to build up contaminants;

9, to watch the tiles to the naked eye side is straight, if the warp situation seriously affects the strong degree of ceramic tile shop is stuck in the future;

10 caliper measurement, specification available. Good product specification deviation is small, after the shop is stuck, product uniformity, outdoor wood deck tiles seam, the effect is good. Poor product specification deviation is big, size is differ between products.

the ceramic tile of choose and buy above points can help the owners know more about some of the ceramic tile of professional knowledge, of course, knowing the obviously insufficient, need more owners to practice, so as to increase their own experience in practice, find your satisfactory products.

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