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What are the ceramic tile in addition to mold method

by:JIABANG     2020-07-28

ceramic tile is used long will become dirty, and some even appear moldy, introduce below small make up on ceramic tile is in addition to mould method have?

a, when the wall has been mildew spot, can use first, Dry) Toothbrush brush mildew stains, reoccupy soft cloth dips in alcohol wiping gently, so that we can make the wall is dry, prevent mildew.

2, try to use baking soda, whether it be made into paste, or directly use baking soda powder. It has two basic method of use: mix water and vinegar. Put two tablespoons of baking soda in a 236 litres of water blender, pour into a spray bottle, spray in the mould, such as the bathroom tiles. Take another spray bottled on previous vinegar solution, and then sprayed on the same position ( Combination produces two kinds of solution chemistry, release carbon dioxide) 。 Vinegar and baking soda often used together, because it can eliminate various kinds of mold. Directly to the baking soda in the mould. This method in permeability surface ( Such as wooden furniture or dry wall) 。 Sodium bicarbonate ( Baking soda) The wet surface, then wipe it clean.

three, bleach water ( Powder) Add water to the proportion of 1:9 9 pour into a spray bottle, spray in mold wall wall mildew problem can be solved immediately. Use dishcloth wall; Rinse again, after metope dry brush on mouldproof coatings, moisture for a long time. In addition, there still have a kind of household BianJieXing waterproof repair agent, just like pesticides leakage wall ground cracks in it, is very convenient to operate.

outdoor ceramic tile except what mould method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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