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What are the ceramic tile fracture treatment method

by:JIABANG     2020-07-30

a lot of families home ground cracks may appear in a small area of the ceramic tile or cracking phenomenon, if so that we will be how to repair them? Damage to a small area of the ceramic tile construction times and need to pay attention to what? To introduce below small make up on ceramic tile cracks treatment methods have?

attaches great importance to the base level of decontamination paste hook moisturize used knows, got to paste surface is cleaned to make paste hook viscous force more durable, repair

shed tile is particularly pay attention to the base surface contact decontamination clean work, clear dust; First before the shop is stuck at the same time, because ceramic tile is soaked in water, can repair the ceramic tile on the water wet, ensure its good bonding.

even the shop is stuck and need to be as smooth

the use of cement and special ceramic tile adhesive, brush on all need the full uniform, to pay attention to the level of the adjacent tiles, right Angle, maintain smooth, finally check whether the color, decorative pattern is consistent, and clean up the surface of ceramic tile, don't forget caulking treatment finally.

reserved after sufficient exhaust expansion joints

with a rubber hammer percussion repair outdoor wood deck tiles, the sufficient exhaust, avoid basin depressions, empty drum ceramic tile; In addition if is a large number of ceramic tile to replace, the shop is stuck with 2 - should be reserved Expansion joints of 5 mm.

what are outdoor ceramic tile fracture treatment method is introduced to here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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