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What are the ceramic tile decoration style

by:JIABANG     2020-12-20

with the improvement of domestic ceramic tile production manufacturing process, design and color of ceramic tile with its to match easily combination, easy to clean characteristics of popular with more and more people. is leading the trend of wall, ground decoration. So ceramic tile to decorate a style to have?

a style: color style series of color change and tie-in combination is a favorite of the younger generation. Chromatography on protean colour element, under the designer's crisscrossed with combination of the different mood and feeling. Due to the reasons, process and design is given priority to with color display is archaize outdoor wood deck tiles as optimal style of ceramic tile products. Imported products used to make the surface color glaze process is not easy to fade away, color transition nature, the depth of the ceramic tile surface luster present a grace cheng, unlike a lot of small brand color no change whole inflexible. Style 2: fancy style series ceramic tile exquisite fancy in constant repetition adorn a few pieces of Mosaic patterns in the visual effect to stress changes. With the design design and color is very exquisite. Designers created a few fancy tiles tend to average the metope that make the finishing point. Good design can be as art appreciation is limited. Choose your favorite design style and strength is the key. Is the most respected in the international advanced technology, but keep hand-painted are key. Style 3: metal style series metal style emphasizes the breakthrough the instinctive quality of ceramic tile, relying on the metal laden build or natural feeling, or luxurious air. Representative of the Mona Lisa ceramic tile to heavy metal thickness, colour and lustre of rock nature simple amorous feelings is suitable for vacation home. Metal color and line feeling with the ceramic tile of joining together the resplendent and magnificent luxury temperament is suitable for the style of harbor type household. Metal Mosaic color can be floating on a variety of color, smooth add a point light mystique, use more match in the bathroom area. Style: four nostalgic style series nostalgic style and burnish of ceramic tile ceramic tile surface intentionally form irregular border, create the appearance that erodes via years, to develop a sense of history and nature. Nostalgic granite floor tiles of the foot feels comfortable, generally walk to have dependable, warm, relaxed feeling, broke the foot feels inferior to the tradition of wooden floor ceramic tile. Nostalgic front-runner is Italian brand, Italian amorous feelings of leisure, romantic and comfortable on the archaize outdoor wood deck tiles reflect incisively and vividly. Different brands of domestic advocate and nostalgic style, quality difference is bigger. Is just like some brand, the disadvantage is that the foot feels uncomfortable, outdoor wood deck tiles surface processes improper, it is easy to wear and lose luster. The decking tile of main and nostalgic style, such as modern ceramic tile is simply please Italian designer and supervision, in order to spirit likeness. to decorate a style to what is introduced here, if you want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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