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What are the brands of ceramic tile? What are the note to buy ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-06
is in decorating our often use a kind of decorating material, it is hard, appearance beautiful, prevent slippery wear-resisting, so often used in the place such as sitting room, bathroom, kitchen and metope. Let us have a more elegant interior space, so what are the brands of ceramic tile, ceramic tile of choose and buy should pay attention to what, this article is to introduce the below. What are the brands of ceramic tile: Marco Polo ceramic tile of brand of Marco Polo is very famous in China, it is a famous trademarks of guangdong province, is also one of the most price top 500 brands in China, the production of the ceramic tile species are very abundant, quality excellent, very popular with consumers in the market. What are the brands of ceramic tile: east east peng peng is our well-known brand ceramic tile, it is China's famous ceramics manufacturers, have professional production line, in product design and development are very outstanding, has always insisted on innovation, is committed to provide consumers with high-quality ceramic tile products. What are the brands of ceramic tile: the Nobel Nabel Nobel is well-known brand ceramic tile, from zhejiang and jiangsu province high and new technology enterprise, has the very high popularity in the market. Production of good quality, favored by many consumers. At present the Nobel expanding sales network, began to march to the international market. of choose and buy note 1, see the appearance quality excellent ceramic tile surface is bright and clean, good flatness, the color of ceramic tile, decking tile in the bottom of the rules is complete, there will be no deformation, missing Angle, such as breakage phenomenon. 2, listen to the voice we in ceramic tile of choose and buy when, can gently tap the ceramic tile with hand or hard objects, from the sound of a ceramic tile to discern the stand or fall of ceramic tile. If ceramic tile more ringing sound, means that the higher the degree of ceramic tile, decking tile's will be good in quality. If the sound of a ceramic tile more depressing, means that the quality of ceramic tile is bad. 3, the bibulous rate when ceramic tile of choose and buy, we also need to see the water absorption of ceramic tile, can drop a few drops of water in the back of the tile, then pay attention to the diffusion velocity under water droplets, if spread faster, suggests that ceramic tile is bibulous rate is high, quality is bad. If the diffusion is slow, suggests that ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, the quality is relatively good. Article summary: the above is about what are the brands of ceramic tile and ceramic tile of choose and buy considerations related introduction, hoping to provide some help to you, let you choose to quality yes ceramic tile products.

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