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What are the bathroom tile cleaning method

by:JIABANG     2020-09-04

toilet, as the most common area in our daily life, in the daily washing, bathing, will produce some dirt, legacy on the ceramic tile, so as to make the ceramic tile of toilet easy dirty, how to clean ceramic tile has become a headache thing for many people. How to clean ceramic tile is a skill, bathroom tile cleaning method have?

a, steel wire ball

if long time didn't clean the bathroom, will be very thick stains, this time with normal detergent is don't remove the stain, so we can use a shovel wire clean ball. If ceramic tile or crack of the oil is very thick, with a shovel shovel, or with steel ball clean first, after got thin, can use saline or compounds dissolve detergent to clean.

2, decontamination creams

use the bathroom for a long time, floor and walls will accumulate some stain, soap scum and other defiled, some stubborn stains are hard to clean up. In order to better protect our ceramic tile, we can use muti_function decontamination creams clean. For difficult to clean up the place of outdoor ceramic tile aperture, we can use the toothbrush dipped a few decontamination creams purify bilge, with hair brush a waterproof agent in aperture place again can, and can prevent ooze not only so that water can prevent mould to grow.

3, bath towel cloth

we don't use old a bath towel and linen discarded old, actually they clean bathroom tile good helper. Wash basin or bath crock is used long will produce a lot of dirt, without having to use cleaner, we use the old nylon bath towel can remove the above mold. The old linen crack stains can be used to clean the wall outdoor wood deck tiles.

4, daily habits

actually is to form the good habit of daily cleaning, so that can reduce the difficulty of cleaning. Facing small stain, we can use an old toothbrush to clean, such not only clean, but also in terms of energy. In addition, more difficult to clean the place such as ceramic tile, can also use an old toothbrush, the relatively small because the tooth brush teeth, can further aperture, deep cleansing.

what toilet ceramic tile cleaning method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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