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What are the advantages of polished glazed tiles and polished tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-10

  Tile is an indispensable material in our decoration. Many of us don’t know which ceramic to choose when buying ceramic tiles. In fact, I think that each decking tile has its advantages. The advantages of tiles and your own needs can choose the tiles you want. What are the advantages of polished glazed tiles and polished tiles?

  1. Advantages of polished tiles   (1) No radioactive elements. Natural stone is a mineral, not sintered at high temperature, so it contains a few trace radioactive elements, long-term exposure will be harmful to the human body; polished tiles will not cause harm to the human body;    (2) basically controllable without color difference. Natural stone has a large color difference due to the diagenesis time and the depth of the rock layer. The polished tiles have been carefully blended, and the same batch of products have the same color and basically no color difference;    (3) high bending strength. Natural stone is formed naturally, and the material time, weathering, etc. are not the same, resulting in different tightness and strength; the polished tiles are pressed by thousands of tons of hydraulic presses, and then sintered at a high temperature above 1200°C, so that they have high strength; Lightweight. Due to the low strength of natural stone, the processing thickness is large and heavy, which increases the load weight of the building on the floor, poses a potential threat, increases the cost, and increases the difficulty of transportation and paving.   (5) Anti-slip. It is very important for floor tiles to be safe and non-slip, especially for families with elderly and children. The surface of polished tiles is bright and clean. Many consumers think that its anti-slip effect is poor. In case of sprinkling water, it will increase the safety hazard, so they can avoid it and choose the 'introverted' matte tile. 2. Advantages of polished glazed tiles There are many advantages of polished glazed tiles, such as smooth and bright surface, well-proportioned color, colorful patterns, and highly personalized design, which can be used in various home decorations; the second is the pattern of fully polished outdoor ceramic tile. It looks very detailed and unique, without any rough feeling, and has a variety of patterns. The last very important feature is that the service life is relatively long. This is because the glaze used on the surface of the fully polished glazed tile is relatively thick and can withstand mill.   The above is a related introduction about the advantages of polished glazed tiles and polished tiles. If you want to know more about polished outdoor ceramic tile and polished tiles, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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