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What are the advantages of microcrystalline stone tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-21

   Microcrystalline stone tile is a new type of modern wall and floor tiles. It is a product born under high-tech technology. Compared with ordinary ceramic tiles, it has a special surface layer of glass-ceramic. So what are the advantages of decking tile?

  1. Good stain resistance. Microcrystalline stone tiles have excellent anti-pollution performance. This is a good advantage for ceramic tiles. Daily cleaning and maintenance are more convenient. With high density and low water absorption, there is basically no filth and impurities infiltrating into it, and the surface dirt is also very easy to remove. 2. The surface is fine and smooth. Microcrystalline stone tiles have the characteristics of fine texture and smooth surface. This is because the surface layer has a structure of glass-ceramics. This material can make the tiles show a more delicate texture and a more crystal-clear and bright surface. With diffuse reflection effect, don't worry about the discomfort of light reflection glare.  3, good stability,    microcrystalline stone tiles have little chemical resistance to acid and alkali, so even in the extreme, high pH environment, there will be no damage, corrosion and other problems, and its performance will be better than natural stone. Moreover, the weather resistance of the microcrystalline stone tiles is also very good. It will not only reduce the strength under long-term wind and sun, but also will not cause the problem of fading. 4. Strong shaping ability. Microcrystalline stone tiles can be shaped into heterogeneous plates, which are mainly bent and deformed by heating, and then made into arcs and curved surfaces. The production process is relatively simple, and some resources, manpower and other costs can also be avoided. Waste.   What are the advantages of microcrystalline stone tiles?

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