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What are the advantages of ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-27
What are the advantages of ceramic tiles: 1. Performance advantages: strong water repellency and breathability, light weight, flexibility, acid and alkali resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, earthquake resistance, crack resistance, and good compatibility with external wall insulation systems. 2. Security advantage. Soft porcelain technology products completely overcome the potential safety hazards of ceramic tiles, mosaics, etc. that are easy to fall off and hurt people, and are especially suitable as exterior wall facing materials for high-rise buildings and exterior wall insulation systems. 3. The advantage of expressiveness. Soft porcelain materials can be shaped at will, breaking through the limitations of traditional ceramic tiles. Soft porcelain technology products have the ability to integrate all building materials at home and abroad, all kinds of natural stones, crypt fired split bricks, various natural wood boards, and buildings. Clear water, ceramic tiles, aluminum-plastic panels, all kinds of modern art boutiques, and all kinds of dynasty luxury products-soft porcelain technology can be cloned quickly! At the same time, it can vividly express the texture and color of natural decorative materials, such as wood, leather, stone, outdoor wood deck tiles, cloth, metal, etc., and can also create decorative textures and colors with distinctive individual colors according to the designer's ideas. 4. Construction advantages. Especially when the old wall is renovated or the space is renovated, the MCM material can be directly pasted on it without knocking off the original old tiles and mosaics. 5. Advantages of energy saving and emission reduction. The production line of soft porcelain technology products discards high-polluting raw materials such as coal and heavy oil, uses electricity and solar energy, strives to be clean, and has a guaranteed source; there is no waste water, exhaust gas, dust discharge during the production process, and all waste materials can be recycled and reused. 6. Environmental protection advantages. The test results show that the radioactivity and soluble lead and cadmium content of MCM materials are far lower than the requirements for ceramic tiles of environmental labeling products; they do not contain TVOC, and when MCM materials are used for a certain number of years, or their styles and colors need to be updated, they can be completely Recycle it and process it into new products or restore it to soil for farming.
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