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What are the advantages of carpet tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-17
①Fashionable, tasteful and high-profile; ②Good wear resistance, very easy to take care of, no need to wash, and no fading; ③Comfortable feet, strong affinity, and beautiful; ④Easy to maintain, no dirt, and no Problems such as bacteria will breed; ⑤The product has a long service life and is rarely affected by environmental factors. Carpet tiles, smooth and smooth glaze, bright color, delicate hand feeling and clear and natural texture.
The important performance of carpet tiles?
①Abrasion resistance-no fear of scratches and bumps; ② non-slip-non-slip glazed surface; ③ anti-fouling-no dust, easy to clean; ④ waterproof-no fear of water penetration, waterproof and moisture-proof ⑤Environmental protection-high-temperature firing molding, quality assurance, and environmental protection.
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