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What are the advantages compared with ordinary ceramic tile ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-09-29
In order to meet people's increasing demands, domestic outfit introduced a soft ceramic tile on the market, this kind of decking tile and the traditional ceramic tile is very different, it fully USES the computer intelligent control, change the soil, with high temperature of 400 degrees, the ceramic tile of the ordinary clay into a soft elastic, fire, the longer the soft ceramic tile texture will be more soft, elastic and more perfect. So soft ceramic tile price is expensive or not? Today we will through the soft ceramic tile price below related content, together and see it! Soft price this kind of ceramic tile ceramic tile, as it comes to sought after by many owners, soft ceramic tile breed on market now is various, specifications are different, so there are great differences in price. 800 * 800 ceramic tile price generally in a few yuan, each square tiles price roughly around five centuries, is the result of network the above prices are for reference only, the actual price shall prevail. Soft ceramic tile is good one. Ordinary ceramic tile not only high hardness, is still very cold, it is difficult to bring a person the feeling of warm. And soft ceramic tile is very different, it has these advantages: the foot feels soft and comfortable, suitable for walking barefoot, relieve feet fatigue; Have sound attenuation function, anti shock absorption performance is superior, effectively protect the security of the human body; Good children bone growth and old knee protection, bend and ceramic tile, convenient for construction. 2. Soft ceramic tile is not only applicable to the stream of the sitting room, but also applies to the bedroom space, such as home outfit it compared with ordinary ceramic tile, has better wear resistance. This is because the material is very soft, elastic, walk feeling than general ceramic tile has the very big difference, better wear resistance, bring extremely comfortable home experience. 3. Believes that many people have this experience: when meet the rainy weather, unusually wet on the ground, the serious influence to the household life quality. Soft ceramic tile has a good moisture-proof performance, however, even in the rainy season, it remains pleasantly dry soft ceramic tile floor, even if don't slide ground water. In addition, the soft ceramic tile also has strong elasticity, light body thin, such as superior performance, completely subvert the traditional concepts of ceramic tile, broke the inherent form ceramic tile. 4. Common ceramic tile production process is complicated, production cycle is longer, and soft ceramic tile is one-time molding. In general, a ceramic tile die about a week can delivery, greatly reducing the general ceramic tile production. In addition, soft compared with high hardness ceramic tile ceramic tile, can reduce the transportation and inventory costs as high as 80% above; Each 100 square meters of the house decorate, can save space 3%. Above is about the price of soft ceramic tile related to share, we can according to the actual needs of domestic outfit, to choose appropriate soft ceramic tile. If you have more questions, welcome to continue to focus on this web site, later will bring more wonderful content for everyone.
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